what is

Transformation Coaching?


what is

Transformation Coaching?

Transforming women’s lives through coaching, mentoring and empowerment.


Our brains are the most powerful tool on the planet, but the least understood by many people. Our brains are like an iceberg, with over 90% of the work happening below the surface and we aren’t even of it.

Our subconscious brain is the engine room for our mind, body and basically our whole life. It is our data storage system for all of our beliefs, memories, habits, skills, knowledge and experiences. It is also, most importantly, our operating system, guiding us, protecting us and keeping us alive.  It is our own personal complex super-computer and when harnessed and managed, the most powerful tool we can ever possess.

Our subconscious brains are the filter through which we view everything in life, however the programming all happens when we are children up to about the age of 8. Unfortunately, children do not see or interpret life events {or even simple comments} in the way that adults do, so the programming of our subconscious brains as children impacts everything we think and do as adults.

transformational coaching teaches you the basics of how your brain operates, along with tools and strategies for reprogramming and managing your brain, so you can change old habits and behaviours and create new, lasting change in your life.

Through your subconscious brain, you already have the power within you to make effective, lasting changes right now and to achieve anything you want in life, you just need to be shown how.

As your Transformational Coach, my job is to empower you to achieve and take responsibility for your own results. Nobody else out there knows your desires or problems better than you, so once you learn these tools, techniques and strategies, you will become your own best coach.

Coaching with Makaela, will help you to discover and break through old mindsets and limiting beliefs, to become more powerful and alive and to grow as a person. It gives you back your personal power, so you can live a life of freedom and choice, filled with joy and intrinsic happiness, while eliminating all of petty bullshit from your life. Because when you learn to transform from the inside out, you see and experience life from a whole different perspective that you, honestly, never knew existed.

Makaela offers three different private 1:1 coaching packages, which include coaching via phone with email and/or Voxer support. The details and inclusions of these coaching packages are below.

For those looking for a Group Coaching experience, Makaela will be releasing her signature group coaching program “Transformation Begins” again shortly. Click here to jump on the wait list and to secure a special waitlist discount!

Casual 1:1 “Power Hour” Coaching Session

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➔ A one-off 1 hour coaching session (includes pre-session preparation)
➔ Focus on one goal you want to achieve and why you haven’t yet achieved it
➔ We will find your blocks, clear them and get you kicking your goals sooner!
➔ Walk away from this session with some tangible action items for improving your time management and your ability to simply get stuff done

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Package

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➔ Initial 1.5-hour coaching session followed by weekly 45-minute coaching sessions and unlimited email support on a month-to-month basis.
➔ Deep dive into more than one area of your life
➔ Discover why you are holding yourself back from achieving the great life you dream of.
➔ I will push you out of your comfort zone and help you to navigate through the BS stories that have been holding you back from fulfilling your potential and living your greatest life.
➔ Gain greater clarity in your life’s purpose, strategies for dealing with self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, some time management techniques and a goal setting system that actually works.

3 Month 1:1 Coaching Package

3 month program



➔ Initial 1.5-hour coaching session followed by a 3-month program of weekly (1-hour) coaching sessions with unlimited additional regular email support
➔ Take a much deeper dive into your life’s purpose.
➔ Together, we will map our your life’s values, find the conflicts, clear out old beliefs and emotions that have been holding you back from achieving the great life you dream of.
➔ I will push you out of your comfort zone and help you to navigate through the BS stories that have been holding you back.
➔ Help you to clear out events from the past that are lingering in your subconscious, so you can move forward to live a happy, fulfilled and more meaningful life.
➔ Walk away from this 3-month program with a very clear vision and plan for your life and your purpose, strategies for dealing with self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, and some time management techniques and a goal setting system that actually works.

Makaela was terrific to work with. She was so knowledgeable and gave me strategies for managing my workload that I had never thought of. Before an extended period away from work on stress leave, I always felt overwhelmed and out of my depth at work, always behind the 8-ball. But thanks to Makaela’s patience and nurturing approach, and her guidance through my back-to-work rehabilitation program, I discovered confidence again and feel a renewed purpose in life, with goals that I now believe I can achieve and a feeling of freedom, like I can breathe again.

Karen Longman

Until I worked with Makaela, my confidence was low and I never knew what I was capable of. But now, after some one-on-one coaching sessions with Makaela, I am kicking goals.  She gave me tools and strategies to help me set and map out goals. She helped me to create my vision and get clarity. She also helped me smash my old belief system that wasn’t working for me and showed me how I could turn those around.  The time management and productivity advice from Makaela was great and I find that I no longer spend my day procrastinating and wondering where to start with things. I have a plan and I just get in and get the stuff done now, which is giving me more free time than ever before

Bronwen Clark