makaela moore is a

Mindset Coach &

Transformational Hypnotherapist

helping women in business to overcome procrastination

through subconscious reprogramming to take them from feeling

like hopeless procrastinators to being confident productive achievers


Makaela moore is a 

Mindset Coach & Transformational Hypnotherapist 

helping women in business to overcome procrastination through subconscious reprogramming to take them from feeling like hopeless procrastinators to being confident productive achievers

Transforming women's lives through subconscious reprogramming

How many times have you bought a gorgeous new planner to set yourself up for success, or tried to make an early morning routine happen so you can finally be productive? Only to find out that neither of those worked for you.

Or perhaps it was productivity hacks or plain old willpower. 

I'll bet you ended up back where you started. Feeling overwhelmed, defeated, frustrated and hopeless. 

The reason for that? Hacks, quick fixes and willpower don't work. If they did, procrastination would no longer be a problem for anyone, those journals and planners wouldn't gather so much dust and everyone would be up at 5am!

But what does work, and I'm so glad you asked, is identifying and eliminating the old flawed subconscious beliefs and reprogramming them, so you can become the confident productive achiever you dream of and create faster, more reliable and long lasting results in your life and business.

As you'll soon discover, our brains are the most powerful tool on the planet, but the least understood by many people.

makaela's signature framework is a complete solution combining mindset coaching with

5-phase advanced transformational hypnosis and results-based planning tools

Through your subconscious brain, you already have the power within you to make effective, lasting change and achieve anything you want in life.

As your Certified Mindset Coach & NGH Board Certified Transformational Hypnotherapist, my job is to empower you to achieve and take responsibility for these changes.

Coaching & Hypnosis with Makaela, will help you discover and break through old programming and limiting beliefs, to become more powerful and alive and to grow as a person. You will gain back your personal power, so you can live a life of freedom and choice, filled with joy and intrinsic happiness. 

Makaela offers Mindset Coaching & Hypnosis as a combination package for those who want to get straight to the heart of what is holding them back and reprogram it quickly and easily.

Using a Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis approach, I guide you to the root of the issue, where together we reprogram it through informing child work where you will gain deep insight to change the way you perceive yourself and life. We will identify, remove and release limiting beliefs and emotions that have been holding you back in life.

It is important to address all aspects of a subconscious belief or pattern, which is why I recommend a package of 6 x 90-minute sessions to allow you to peel back all the layers and do the deep work that you deserve, in order to move forward and live that fantastic life you dream of. 

This 6-session package is a combination of Mindset Coaching and Hypnosis; a combination that you do not get from many coaches OR hypnotherapists. Working with Makaela gives you the best of both worlds, which means deep, amazing transformations for you, using Makaela's signature framework.

At this stage, all coaching and hypnosis is virtual, however Makaela will be opening an in-person studio in Brisbane in coming months. 

Find out if the ‘Deliberate Transformation' 6-session combination package is right for you by booking a free 30-minute call with me. Single sessions are also available if deemed suitable after the free 30-minute call.

30 Day Program

 The 30-Day Procrastination Remedy

is a simple, easy, bite-sized program to help women in business who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and paralysed by procrastination and the negative self-talk of their inner-critic, to find the root cause of the problem, eliminate it at the subconscious level and rewiring the brain for a confident and successful life.

Let's face it, procrastination is not actually the problem. It is a symptom of the real problem.

This program will help you get to the root cause of what is causing your procrastination, so you can transform from the inside out and stop that cycle of frustration and self-doubt.

Unlike many programs out there, this one is simple, not overwhelming, and it's delivered in daily bite-sized pieces everyday for 30 days. Overwhelm is one of the biggest issues facing Hopeless Procrastinators, and as someone who truly understands what it feels like to be stuck in the procrastination cycle, making this program simple and easy, but effective, was Makaela's priority when creating it.

To learn more about this program, you will want to jump on the Waitlist and get your Earlybird discount, by clicking below. We're launching soon!

Deliberate Transformation

Coaching & Hypnosis Package Includes

➔ 6 x Virtual Coaching / Hypnosis combination sessions

➔ Unlimited support during office hours via Voxer

➔ Expert subconscious reprogramming using Makaela's unique ‘Deliberate Transformation Framework' to reprogram the mind, so you can silence your inner-critic and stop the procrastination cycle.

➔ Through specialised coaching methodologies, combined with hypnosis, take a deep dive identifying the obstacles and subconscious limitations that are causing you to procrastinate and holding you back from achieving the results you desire. This program will unlock that invisible ‘thing' that is holding you back and silence your inner-critic.

➔ Walk away from this program with clarity on your goals and the exact blueprint needed to align and transform your life from the inside out, supported by various powerful tools learned during the program that you'll use for the rest of your life!

➔ And, if you've read this far, you've probably already realised that this program is exactly what you need to finally make lasting changes in your life and eliminate procrastination and your inner-critic once and for all.

Makaela was terrific to work with. She was so knowledgeable and gave me strategies for managing my workload that I had never thought of. Before an extended period away from work on stress leave, I always felt overwhelmed and out of my depth at work, always behind the 8-ball. But thanks to Makaela’s patience and nurturing approach, and her guidance through my back-to-work rehabilitation program, I discovered confidence again and feel a renewed purpose in life, with goals that I now believe I can achieve and a feeling of freedom, like I can breathe again.

Karen Longman

Until I worked with Makaela, my confidence was low and I never knew what I was capable of. But now, after some one-on-one coaching sessions with Makaela, I am kicking goals.  She helped me to find the underlying problems that were holding me back. She gave me tools and strategies to help me with my goals, my vision and clarity. She helped me smash my old belief system that wasn’t working for me and showed me how I could turn those around.  The tools that Makaela gave me to continue my self-coaching journey, as well as time management and productivity advice was great and I find that I no longer spend my day procrastinating and wondering where to start with things. I have my toolkit and every part of my life is changing now. Highly recommend working with Makaela. 

Bronwen Clark