hi and welcome!

I’m Makaela Moore

I’m so glad you’re here. Let me introduce myself…

hi and welcome

I’m Makaela Moore

I’m so glad you’re here. Let me introduce myself…

Even when I didn’t know my true purpose or direction in life I was always helping, coaching and mentoring other people, in any way I knew how.

And now that I have complete clarity and certainty in who I am and what I’m here to do, my passion and my mission are still the same .. coaching, mentoring and helping .. but now I really know what I’m doing!

With a background in Human Resources and Workplace Safety & Rehabilitation of over 15 years, I gained such valuable skills, knowledge and experience in guiding, mentoring and coaching people through all sorts of situations and negotiations. Human behaviour almost became an obsession and I became relentless in pursuit of my own personal development, learning everything I could in the areas of human behaviour, psychology and brain science through my Transformational Coaching Certification, lot’s of  independent study over the years and of course through my Human Resources/Business degree at university.

By the time I met my husband and had our daughter, I was a moment away from turning 40, very settled in my ways and most definitely invested in my career. While on maternity leave, I was made redundant from my much-loved Senior Human Resources position. Being on maternity leave and being home with my newborn was good when I thought I’d be returning to my job, but then it wasn’t. I did not want to be a stay-at-home Mum, because I knew I was made for more, I was made for work and more than that, I had a burning desire to create enormous success.

I took on a role as a Trainer of Diploma of Business, but before long I was helping my husband run our cabinetry business and I immersed myself into the world of kitchen design, quoting, project management, bookkeeping and marketing and it was great for a few years, my hubby and I work really well together.  

But, then my husband got really sick. A mystery illness, his legs blew up like giant purple lobsters and during his long stay in hospital, doctors started talking about the possibly amputation of his legs. This sent me into a serious tailspin.  Afterall, he was the backbone of our business and “my rock” in life … I just felt totally helpless at that time!  I really wasn’t sure what our future held.

It was during Graham’s recovery that I discovered a deeper desire (beyond my old stubborn independence!) to create financial security for us. We had all our eggs in one basket and I needed to go back out there and do something else, in addition to our cabinetry business. 

I also knew I was in a position to help other women by empowering, guiding and inspiring them to create a better life for themselves by sharing my knowledge and teaching them. This lead me on a journey, where I zigged and zagged a little from one venture to another, but with each one I learned so much about myself.

I unintentionally went on a journey of massive self-discovery and then discovered Transformation Coaching and my now beloved brain science … which I have now become very intentional about indeed! 

Since then, I just haven’t looked back. I love nothing more than teaching my clients (and anyone who’ll listen really!) about the subconscious brain and coaching busy working women in how to understand their brains, hack into them, unlock them and use that to create the results they want in life, so they can actually juggle career and family without all the usual stress.

I suppose you could say I help busy working women to write a new story for their life! If you’re interested in finding out what this new story could be for you, then click here to email me directly and ask me anything!

I had been searching for a way to understand what was holding me back in life and this coaching has been a game changer.

Melissa Gibbons

I am now a business owner with goals … it is a dream come true and I could not have done that without Makaela’s coaching and guidance. I know she will change many lives through her work.

Angela Sharpe