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I help women in business to overcome procrastination, perfectionism and imposter syndrome using my signature framework, which combines brain science, subconscious reprogramming and results-based planning tools, so they can get unstuck and create the results they want in life and business.

Get My Signature ‘Clarity & Vision’ Workbook for FREE here – It’s one of the Top 5 Strategies I offer my 1:1 Coaching Clients!
Get My Signature ‘Clarity & Vision’ Workbook for FREE here – It’s one of the Top 5 Strategies I offer my 1:1 Coaching Clients!

transforming women’s lives through coaching, group programs & hypnosis

Our brains are the most powerful tool on the planet, but the least understood by many people.

Learning how to manage and harness the power of your brain is the most important thing you will ever learn, so you can create the results you want and the most fulfilling life possible. 

Seeing life and all it’s intricacies from a totally different perspective, while discovering and releasing the old stories and patterns that hold you back, is the most powerful step you can take towards owning your personal power and building a future filled with confidence, purpose, awareness and joy.

You have the power within you to make effective, lasting changes right now, you just need to be shown the way.

My job is to empower my clients to achieve and take responsibility for their own results. Nobody else out there knows your desires or problems better than you, so once you learn these tools and techniques, you will become your own best coach.

I’m Makaela Moore

With a passion for brain science, psychology, human behaviour and helping others, I love coaching and mentoring busy working women. I help them to understand what is going on in their brain, how to make changes at the subconscious level and manage their mindset in such a way that they can make effective, lasting change in their lives so they can overcome procrastination, perfectionism and imposter syndrome and start achieving the results they want in their life and business. 

As an ex-Human Resources professional I’ve always been a career-focussed woman and have spent the better part of the last 9 years mastering the juggle between pursuing a purposeful career and motherhood.

When I’m not empowering the world one woman at a time, you can find me playing on our acreage just north of Brisbane with my family and 3 Boston Terriers, curating my crystal collection or out adventuring and exploring Australia in our four-wheel drive and caravan.

I also became a Bestselling Author for the first time in 2020 after co-authoring the anthology “Letter To My Ten Year Old Self”. Reading and writing are my passions and my 2021 book is already underway.


We truly can change our lives when we adopt a totally different perspective on life and who we are. Using the tools and strategies that Makaela teaches to analyse and process our thoughts, feelings and actions and how to reprogram our subconscious habits and identity has simply been a game changer for me, my family and basically, my entire life.

Steph Barlow

The most valuable part of coaching with Makaela has been waking up to who I am and learning to love myself deeply and unconditionally. I feel like my eyes are open for the first time in my life and I see everything differently now.

Christine Thomas


With a variety of 1:1 Coaching Packages, Makaela coaches, educates, and empowers women to true internal transformation, so they can harness their personal power, align with their true purpose and create a joyful, balanced life of career and family.


If you’re the type of person who wants to let go of the things holding you back by busting through fear and procrastination, finding your confidence, and stepping into a life that is fulfilling, courageous, and intentional, then this podcast is for you. 

Group Coaching

Group Coaching Program “Transformation Begins” launching soon!

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